Thursday, February 26, 2009

Welcome to the Soul of Cinema!

This Soul of Cinema Movie Review blog spot is exclusively dedicated to celebrating the history of black film making and honoring the works of African Americans who have made contributions, big or small, in the film industry. Also, the Soul of Cinema Movie Review group is inspired to promote a new awareness of black films and independently produced projects, such as, movies that are featured at Black Film Festivals. We want to initiate discussions about various aspects of the films, such as, the actors, directors, cinematography, soundtracks and any social issues that the movies may address.

It has been perceived to some individuals that black films lack quality and substance, therefore, they are not worth the attention, respect and support that is given to Hollywood produced movies. While it is in fact true that many black film makers lack the resources to produce big budget movies, it is also a fact that spending big money on a project does not guarantee a hit at the box office, like, the 2001 movie, Town and Country, starring Dianne Keaton, Charlton Heston and Warren Beaty, whose sticker price was $90 million and only brought in $6.7 million at the U.S. box office. Or just ask Kevin Costner about his Water World project.

However, there are many African American writers, directors and actors/actresses that have produced works that are engaging, insightful and entertaining. There is a rich history of genius in black films that transcend the pseudo-science of Hollywood. We can look at the the works of Hattie McDaniel, Sidney Poitier, Dorthy Dandridge, Spike Lee, Pam Grier, Morgan Freeman, Halle Barry, Denzel Washington or Jennifer Hudson to start the list. Or, you could just go and talk to Tyler Perry whose movie, Madea Goes to Jail, debuted at number 1, taking in $41,030,947 at the U.S. Box Office. (Smile!)

The Soul of Cinema Movie Review is only dedicated to reviewing African-American films, however, there are no restrictions on who is welcomed to the review meetings. Anyone who has a thirst for culture, appreciates riveting discussions and love movies is invited with open arms.

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Love, Peace and Hair Grease!

Tamara Brown