Sunday, March 1, 2009

Movie for the Month of March - Cover

When Valerie Maas and her husband Dutch, decide to relocate their family to Philadelphia for his career, everything seems perfect. While Valerie must leave her job in Atlanta as a commercial photographer, she is able to work as a portraitist for her friend Zahara Milton and the family quickly settles into life in their newly adopted city and the upper echelon of Philadelphia's African-American community. As Dutch is less available with his new job, Valerie begins to question her husband's fidelity. Then, an unexpected tip-off results in a shattering discovery that threatens to destroy Valerie and everything that she holds dear. With a New Year's Eve shooting resulting in murder, Valerie now finds herself as the prime suspect, facing off against a veteran detective, with only her strength of character and her stalwart faith to help her escape alive from this unthinkable ordeal.


  1. If anyone has any ideas about a place where we could have the first meeting please let me know.

  2. This movie totally caught me off guard. Boy was I naive about this little secret society! Bill Duke did a very tasteful job of bringing awareness to this growing phenomenon that is affecting more black families than we care to admit. Great casting! Great story!