Friday, July 10, 2009

Movie for the month of July


A Family Affair !

Let this month be about family. This month's meeting is dedicated to celebrating the love of family and quality time. This is an opportunity for families to come and share in the magic of, The Wiz, one of Micheal Jackson's most celebrated movie roles in his career.

"Let the spirit move you", to come out and enjoy a delicious dinner and watch a wonderful movie.

Date: Sunday, July 19th

Time: 5pm
Place: Sadies Soulful Southern Experience

5708 N Sharon Amity Rd

Charlotte, NC 28215-5083

(704) 532-5570

A re-imaging of The Wizard of Oz, set against an urban background with an African American cast. Dorothy is a 24-year-old kindergarten teacher from Harlem, who along with her dog Toto are lost in a snowstorm on the night of Thanksgiving and end up in the Land of Oz, which looks like a strangely surreal version of New York City. Dorothy learns the only way she can get home is to ease on down the road to see the Wiz. Along the way she meets a scarecrow made of garbage who wants a brain; a Tin Man, who is a turn-of-the-century mechanical carnie from Coney Island who wants a heart; and a lion who was banished from the jungle and must make his living as a statue in front of the main research branch of the New York Public Library. courtesy of IMDb

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  1. The Soul of The Cinema Review is the brilliant brainchild of TamaRa. I have had oppurtunity to experience two of the meetings. Her organizational skills alone are a sight to behold. I enjoyed both films but The Wiz is cinematic genius. My favorite portions are the cinematography and musical numbers. The ability to take common objects found in an urban setting and give them that soulful yet mystical element is a stroke of brilliance.