Friday, December 11, 2009

Soul of Cinema Family

My Soul of Cinema Family,

2oo9 is coming to a close and I just want to tell all of our Soul of Cinema Movie Review family....THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

We have had some very good times this year. From our very first meeting in my home watching the movie Cover to eating fried fish and greens at Sadie's listening to the soulful poetic lyrics to For Colored Girls to ending this year at the Highland Mills Cafe watching This Christmas. And we brought the house down!

When Soul of Cinema was just an idea in my head I had no idea that the people who supported this idea so would touch my heart. You guys have been my support and my inspiration and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

And to top it all off, one of our members, Charles Rorie, put together this video of our last meeting. He told me that he wanted the world to see us through his eyes. And he felt that the song, Lioness on the Rise, was appropriate to describe the ladies in the group. I certainly agree! This video brought tears to my eyes. I saw us smiling and beautiful. And these pictures take me back to memories to previous meetings and I can't stop smiling. Thank you Charles for your creative appreciation. There is no other like you, believe that!

And there is no better group of people in this world than my Soul of Cinema family. And you better believe that too! I hope you enjoy the video and if you like it please post a comment!

Love, Peace and Sooouuul of Cinema,

TamaRa Nzadi


  1. Hey Sis, thank you for your kind words, Im just returning the love that I received from everyone involved. Peace and Blessings. C.Rorie

  2. GREAT PICS Charles!!! Although, I see now I'm going to have to start dressing up and wearing make-up at these events if a sista' is gonna' be "You-Tube-ed"..cuz' dayummmm, "Candid Camera Charles" is on the job!,LOL! Enjoyed it....
    Peace & Blessings,
    Lena HJ